Because our event spans TWO glorious resorts, please take care when noting the resort location on the agenda. Each session or event will include the designation of either “Ziva” or “Zilara”. While the distance isn’t great, please give yourself enough time to travel between the resorts so you don’t miss the beginning of a session.

Prepare for adjustments to the agenda. Our goal is to give you the BEST experience possible and that means, if rain looms large, we may switch the schedule around to give you the chance to enjoy the pool, beach, and property when the sun is out. We will communicate these changes via Rachael’s loud mouth, and daily emails. 😉



7:00 PM Welcome Cocktails
Kick off Click Retreat with cocktails and refreshments.
Location: Fez Lounge, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall
Additional Information: 2nd Floor (Right off the elevator)

7:30 PM Chef Demonstration and Dinner
Experience an authentic Jamaica family style meal followed by a true Jamaican street party
Location: Jamaican Rootz at Horizons, Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

9:30 PM Entertainment
We’ll be gathering after dinner to chat and dance.
Location: Union Jackz Sports Bar, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall



Begin your day with breakfast on your own. We recommend dining at Calypzo or enjoying room service in your PJ’s. You do you.

9:00 AM Welcome Session
Opening session with Rachael Herrscher
Location: Meeting Room, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall
Additional Information: Pass the excursion desk and head down the hallway. You’ll see the meeting space on your left.

9:30 AM Self Portrait Session
Speaker: Me Ra Koh
Location: Meeting Room, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall
Additional Information: Bring your homework! Your printed copy of your self-portrait for this session.

10:45 AM Break

11: 00 AM Photography With Your Smartphone / Photowalk Session
Speaker: Kari Herer / Group
Mobile Tips followed by the small group photowalks focused on color.
Location: Meeting Room, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

12: 30 PM Lunch
Location:  On your own.
Additional Information: Consider Bitez, Barefoot Jerkz, and Grindz all at Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

1:30 PM 8 Easy Camera Settings That Will Change Your Photo Results Overnight

Speakers: Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend
You invested in a new camera.  It just showed up at your house.  You pull it out of the box.  Now what?  Did you know there are 8 Easy Camera Settings that will Change Your Photos Results Overnight?  Every time Me Ra and Brian shoot with a new camera, the first thing they do is switch all the default settings to these eight easy camera settings.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring beginner, you’ll love their tips and tricks to getting the most out of your camera.  Get ready, they’re going to set you up for success!

Location: Meeting Room, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

2:30-6:30 PM FREE TIME
This is your time to enjoy the resort and island as you wish! Relax at the spa. Sit by the pool. Head for the beach. Get nuts!

6:30 PM Appleton Rum Tasting + Beverage Photography
Speakers: Tracey Benjamin of and Kari Herer
LOCATION CHANGE: Stirz, Lobby Of Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall
Additional information: Start your evening with a trip through some of the Caribbean’s finest rums! We’ll also have assorted “mocktails” on hand.

7:30 PM Dinner and an exclusive visit from Chef Danielle.
Location: Di Roza Restaurant, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

9:00 PM  Entertainment Show
Location: Main Stage at Rose Hall Village, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall
Additional Information: Outdoor stage across from Di Roza Restaurant
While the entertainment varies nightly the intention is to surprise and delight to sit back, relax and enjoy the interactive experience.



Begin your day with breakfast on your own. We recommend dining at Calypzo or enjoying room service in your PJ’s.

7:30 AM Capturing Morning Light
Early morning exploration of the resort and beach to practice and capture the golden light of early morning. This is an optional, low key session.
Location: Gazebo near Ziva pool

8:30 AM Yoga Class
Kick off your day with a 60-minute ocean side yoga class.
Location: Main Gazebo, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

9:30 AM – Noon FREE TIME
Enjoy the morning at your own pace. Visit the city. Kick back on the beach. Try your hand at paddleboarding. Pics or it didn’t’ happen.

12:00 PM Lunch
Meet up for lunch before we begin an afternoon of photography and social strategy.
Location: ChoiceZ, At Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

1: 00 PM Keep It Real
Speaker: Ryan Jones
Maintaining authenticity and meaning in your pictures.
Location: Meeting Room, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

2: 00 PM Lifestyle/Commercial Composition
Speaker: Becky Kimball
Shooting and styling for products and lifestyle images.
Location: Meeting Room, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

3:00 PM Break

3:15 PM Social Media Strategy Discussion 
Led by: Rachael Herrscher
We’ll be discussing best practices, success stories, tips, for making the most of your social media strategy.  Be sure to bring your top performing post and insights!
Location: Meeting Room, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

4:30 PM Closing Session with Team and Photographers
Final thoughts and photographer Q&A. Bring your lingering questions.
Location: Meeting Room, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

5:30 PM Sunsets + Shooting at Night Session
We’ll split into three groups for a hands-on session with our photographers to practice capturing sunsets and shooting at night.

Interested in learning to shoot a time lapse or a long exposure at sunset? Brian Tausend will be addressing that specifically. If you would like to be in that group, please come prepared with your camera, a tripod, and you also need to have lightroom on your computer. (Here’s an example shot)

Location: Beach at Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall and Gazebo at Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

6:30 PM Dinner
Location: Multiple Restaurants (Urban Heatz, Fuzion , Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall
Additional Information: After dinner you’ll have the opportunity to change or freshen up for the events happening later this evening.

8:00 PM Glamour Night
Glamor Night is based on a musical. With the book and music by Ivor Novello and lyrics by Christopher Hassall, Novello’s collaborator in six of the eight Novello musicals staged between 1935 and 1951. This is a night of style, fashion, beauty, gastronomy and art.
Location: Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

9:30 PM Continue the farewell night
Come relax in this rooftop Moroccan themed lounge and hang out with the rest of the Click guests on our final night.
Location: Fez, 2nd floor,  Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall



Start your travel day with breakfast from room service or Calypzo. Be sure to arrange travel to the airport by contacting the front desk.


Thank you for joining us for Click Retreat!

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